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    The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin is this week. This means not only that the city is playground to the international fashion crowd. It also means there is another exhibition/ opening/ party every night.

    DERZEIT x Weekday opened the week with an exhibition and presentation of ‘TWELVE’ calendar project. Twelve designer outfits on twelve young models, all based in Berlin.
    The rising stars were produced by DERZEIT (fashion week berlin daily) and Amos Fricke.

    Additionally 7xDE is a production of MTWTFSS Weekday of seven white t-shirts and linen bags. Not simply white; Each with a print illustration of another Berlin based designer/ artist. Seven days is a week and seven styles feed even more creative ideas. On exhibit are the print on paper, on a shirt and on a bag. To be seen worn in and around Berlin this week, surely.

    A project showing the different fashion professionals collaborating proves to be a valuable concept. The event itself seemed to attract a merely Berlin based crowd, not optimally exposing the cities strength to outsiders. Nonetheless a concept to be carried on and expanded.

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